How To Play / FAQ

Aim of the game 

The aim of Teammates is to fill in the blank positions by linking up the teammates in line-ups of real-life football players. Correct teammates are two or more players that have played alongside eachother at the same club at the same time during their careers. E.g. Messi and Neymar have been teammates at Barcelona, so they would link up. 

Linking teammates

Linked players must have made at least 1 league appearance while in the same playing squad during the same season (includes playing on loan) to be classed as teammates. 

Simply click on the blank spaces and select the player that forms a teammate link/s from the squad sheet. Teammates are linked directly sideways or up/down one position. They can also be linked up and across in wide positions. All of the correct links are pre-determined as each line-up has a guide of dashed links that need to be turned solid. Valid teammates form a solid link. Only teammates within the guide can be linked, so valid teammates outside of the dashed links will not be linked. 

Each line-up has an instruction to follow. Teammates must fit this instruction to form a link. E.g. teammates in the line-up ‘Club teammates who have scored more than 50 career goals’ will not link up if either of the players have scored less than 50 career goals.

Levelling up 

Each line-up of 11 players is completed when every position is filled and the optimal number of teammates have been linked. The next random line-up in the next position up in the league/cup is unlocked when each line-up is complete. Line-ups become more difficult as you progress up the leagues and cups. There are league trophies and cups to be won by getting to the top of the league and completing every line-up you face in the cup game. 

Earning footballs 

Footballs can be used to unlock consumables that give you an in-game advantage. Footballs can be collected by completing line-ups and winning trophies. The number of footballs won for each line-up depends on the amount of moves made to reach the correct 11 players. Running out of moves results in losing and having to play again. 

Frequently asked questions

What does each player’s image represent?

Every player in the game has a minimalist portrait based on their skin tone and the colours of the club they played the most appearances for in their career or the club they are best known for playing for. The portraits are in place purely for design purposes and differentiation between footballers in-app. The images do not attempt to misrepresent any footballer’s image.

Are the names of the line-ups significant?

The names of line-ups, e.g. ‘Loser Town’ are simply light-hearted names which usually relate to the line-up instruction.

What do the stars represent?

The number of stars represent the star rating of the line-up. More challenging line-ups have a higher star rating. Line-ups become more challenging as you progress up the leagues.

How are the number of moves and footballs worked out?

The number of moves are calculated by formulas. These formulas are based on total number of possible incorrect player selections (non-teammates) and total number of players to choose from. Footballs earned depends on the amount of moves it takes to complete a line-up. The amount of moves you have left over after completing the line-up are turned into footballs. The less moves it takes, the more footballs are earned when the line-up is complete. Useful hint: Footballs earned are worked out differently in Fan Cup line-ups.